Twin Flame Evolution
Master living your life from your true self in harmony, peace and love with all creation
Twin Flames
endless lovers and divine counterparts
The Twin Flame relationship is pure bliss when lived in harmony.
Your true essence of your beingness has no polarity, it's not male nor female, but both and beyond. This being, which is you, exists already in perfect harmony within itself. Since you as human form were born into this world of polarities, your soul, inner beingness, had to embody two bodies so it could experience and recognize itself on an even deeper level on the earthly realm. One is the female and the other the male expression of the same enery, regardless of the body form.
To love is to recognize oneself in the other. And since twin flames embody the exact same essence they recognize each other on the deepest level, the soullevel. This is the alchemy of pure divine love.
In the world of polarities they will always balance each other out. If one of the both goes into one direction the other will reverse-mirror him or her and balance them out so they can always come back to their true centre, that is pure unconditional love, your beingness, your oneness, your Twin Flame Union. This act of balance can bring challenges with it, if the ego and the painbody are still involved. This is why I developed diverent tools and pointers for you to guide you back to your truth, your essence, your love. The Twin Flame journey is not an egoic path. By becoming yourself you start to enlighten the world aswell by bringing the divine forth on this planet through yourself. <3
Rosalie Somogyi
Kristina is a very high consciousness guide. i don't like to use the word coach, because she is definitely way more than that. having a profound realization and understanding of the non dual state, she is able to communicate and understand all 'levels' of consciousness. she has been helping me in these times of ascension in many ways, always being absolutely accurate and wise. furthermore she is balanced in her divine feminine and masculine which i find very important for the work that she does. she is not your regular twinflame guide who will tell you the same tarot card stories that other guides do. no, she works intuitively and highly accurately and she is always compassionate and open. she takes time to help you in these wonderful times which seem hard for so many of us. you will be only enriched on so many levels by reaching out to her. kristina, thank you so so much and i love you ❤
Caregiver for people with disability
My name is Lawrence and I have been in the twin flame dynamic for a few years now before I ran into Kristina in a Facebook group I follow and took up her free offer for a 1 hr session with her. I found Kristina very intuitive , empathetic and fully aware of the twin flame journey , she had same amazing realisations for me and has helped me come to terms with the journey with her unique knowledge and skill, so much so that I'll be taking her up as a guide for myself to help me more along this beautiful journey. Thanks Kristina
Laura Ann Birr
I am so impressed with Kristina's Twin Flame coaching session! I am currently in Union with my Twin Flame but knew there was still some guidance that I needed to recieve. Kristina asked the right questions, with care and concern, to get to the root of the problem! She took me into a healing journey of my past wounds, my childhood disappointments, and into the depth of my insecurities to heal and transform me from the inside-out. Her ability to flow with the healing process was amazing and she made me feel very comfortable, so I was really able to open up to her. I now have went into the inner most parts of me to expose the reasons behind my insecurities and fears. I underestimated how important Twin Flame coaching is; as now I see Kristina as a great guide who has led me into deeper understanding and newfound hope in my Twin Flame relationship. We removed blocks that were keeping me and my Twin at a distance; but now, I feel that I have regained trust and insight that leads me to not lose faith. I am so happy with the results of this session, and I recommend her as one of the best Twin Flame coaches out there right now! Thank you, Kristina! ~Laura
About Me
My name is Kristina and I am a Twin Flame and Life Coach based in Germany. I specialise on helping and guiding people with their process on their Twin Flame journey and helping them to achive their dream life. A life pure unconditional love.
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